Corporate Profile

Frazier Management is a leading provider of sports management and consulting for professional athletes across the country. Founded in 2003, by Robert Bay Frazier, the boutique agency prides itself on the art of mentoring, encouraging, and providing the necessary tools to aid athletes in reaching their highest potential, on and off the court, field, etc.

As a proven strategist, advisor, and Frazier Management’s dedicated driving force, Frazier has over fifteen years of experience as a sports consultant, utilizing his management and industry expertise to guide the up-and-coming and seasoned athletes he serves. The ongoing mission is to provide clients with the crucial resources they need to create and maintain a successful career.

His most notable accolade is managing the successful career of New York Knick’s small forward, Carmelo Anthony. Over the years, Bay has utilized his skills for identifying emerging talent, representing his clients effectively to build and maintain valuable relationships, and connecting individually with his clients to provide respite as they work to perfect their craft. He continues to provide management and consulting to Anthony and other talents including, but not limited to: Kim English of the Detroit Pistons, Joshua Selby of the Memphis Grizzlies, and Dontaye Draper of Real Madrid in Spain.

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